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Jay Pee Serenity

Jay Pee Developers, a leading development firm in real estate commenced its operations in 1996 led by P R Jai Prakash and H S Shyam Krishna.


Video Ad, 3D Render, Drone View


Jay Pee Developers




Jay Pee Developers were launching their new Project in Bangalore. They wanted creatives that would reflect the elegance of the project & would help potential customers identify the geography of the Project.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 3.33.24 PM.png


We created a 3D rendered promo video of the entire project as it was still under development. And to help customers understand where the projects was located, we produced a DroneView of the Route from prominent landmarks and also showcased the model villa.

Tamil Voice Over Dub

The Ad creative was then translated & dubbed to Tamil. This was done to further localize the ad creative to regional languages.

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