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TLM Digital is a Creative Digital Marketing & Communications Agency founded in Bangalore.  

We are a Modern Day Communication & Marketing Agency a.k.a the marketing & ad agency for the digital age. We help businesses and brands increase reach & sales, go digital & create phenomenal ad creatives. We specialise in Brand Development, Visual Content Creation, Digital Marketing Strategies, Graphic Design, and Web & App Development. We come up with strong and distinct creative strategies that give your business an unfair advantage.

Titus Moses

Founder & Managing Director

The Older TLM brother : films videos :  : adds up accounts :

Theajus Moses

Founder & Creative Director

The Younger TLM brother : plays the guitar : takes photos : 

Our Story

TLM's origin story is of two brothers - Theajus, the guitarist and francophile and Titus, a filmmaker and visionary with a taste for the fine things in life. This dynamic duo curiously journeys through life, always trying new things together, and sees opportunity where others see a problem. This way of life has helped them reach milestones that have made them like pillars in their community, as their ultimate goal is to serve. 

Since the age of 15, they've worked in different job roles with regards to marketing & sales via telemarketing, events, and event production. After gaining a degree in commerce each, this brother duo decided to explore a creative career in media and marketing professionally in 2015. 

Introducing TLM - the Modern Day Marketing Agency by the TLM brothers. 

TLM Digital is a symbol of taking risks, exploring new ideas and growth.


Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy, Design, Digital & Web, Video & Photography 

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